Using Motorcycle Bar End Mirror for Bicycle

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Ever thought of adding a touch of motorcycling flair to your trusty bicycle? Why not consider using a motorcycle bar end mirror for bicycle? Here’s an enthusiast’s guide on why and how to do just that.

Why Consider a Motorcycle Bar End Mirror for Bicycle?

Uniqueness and Style

The very first reason is aesthetics. Want your bike to stand out from the crowd? Motorcycle bar end mirrors give your bicycle a distinct, stylish appearance that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go.

Increased Visibility

Safety should always come first, right? With a motorcycle bar end mirror, you get a broader field of view, ensuring you’re aware of everything happening behind you. You may consider learning about hand signals to always announce your intentions to other on the road. After all, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Durability and Longevity

Motorcycle mirrors are built to withstand wind speeds, debris, and the occasional bump. So, when used on a bicycle, these mirrors are likely to last longer and provide consistently clear views.

Installation Process

Choosing the Right Bar End Mirror

Firstly, not all bar end mirrors are the same. It’s crucial to select one that complements your bicycle’s design. Consider size, shape, and material before making a purchase.

Steps to Install

Tools Required

Basic tools like a wrench and screwdriver should suffice. However, always refer to the product’s instruction manual.

Securing the Mirror

Once you have your tools, start by loosening the screws on your handlebar ends. Fit the mirror in place and tighten the screws.

Adjusting for Optimal View

This is paramount! Ensure you adjust the mirror such that you get a clear view of what’s behind without having to turn or tilt your head.

Pros and Cons of Using Motorcycle Mirrors on Bicycle


Style Quotient: Enhance the overall look of your bicycle.
Durability: Built to last, offering excellent value for money.
Better Visibility: Wider mirrors mean a more comprehensive rear view.


Weight: Motorcycle mirrors might add a bit more weight than regular bicycle mirrors.
Overkill: For some, the look might be a tad too aggressive for a bicycle.

Personal Experience and Recommendations

Having tried this setup myself, the sheer number of compliments I received was astounding! Moreover, the enhanced rear-view visibility provided an added sense of security. If you’re an enthusiast looking for both style and function, give motorcycle bar end mirrors a shot.


Blending the world of motorcycles with bicycles is a delightful experiment. While the aesthetic appeal of a motorcycle bar end mirror on a bicycle is undeniable, it also offers tangible benefits in terms of safety and durability. So, if you’re seeking a mix of style and functionality, this could be your answer!


Are motorcycle bar end mirrors expensive compared to regular bicycle mirrors?
While some models might be pricier, the durability they offer often justifies the cost.
Will the installation process damage my handlebars?
If done carefully, following the provided instructions, there should be no damage to your handlebars.
Can I revert to my old mirrors if I don’t like the motorcycle ones?
Absolutely! The process is reversible, allowing you to switch back anytime.
Is there a specific brand of motorcycle bar end mirrors you’d recommend for bicycles?
While preferences vary, always opt for trusted brands that have received positive reviews from both motorcyclists and bicyclists.
Do these mirrors vibrate or shake while riding?
Since they’re designed for motorcycles, they’re built to be stable even at high speeds, ensuring minimal vibrations.

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