Cycling Rain Jacket: Must Have When Wet

The Joy and Challenge of Cycling in the Rain

Cycling is a captivating activity, whether it’s for exercise, commuting, or simply for the joy of it. But what about when it rains? For some, that’s when the real adventure begins. Within reason, riding in the rain can be very enjoyable.

The Essential Need for a Quality Cycling Rain Jacket

Why Cycling in the Rain Requires Special Gear

Rain presents a unique set of challenges for cyclists. There’s the decreased visibility, the slippery surfaces, the risk of getting soaked, and the drop in body temperature. This is where a quality cycling rain jacket becomes an essential part of your gear.

Key Features to Look for in a Cycling Rain Jacket

Choosing the right rain jacket can make all the difference. Here are the key aspects you should consider:


A good cycling rain jacket is, obviously, waterproof. But not all waterproof jackets are created equal. Look for a jacket that can keep heavy rain at bay without letting any water seep in through the seams or zips.


A waterproof jacket can keep the rain out, but if it’s not breathable, it will trap your sweat inside, leaving you wet from the inside. Look for a jacket that has good breathability ratings and perhaps even vents for extra airflow.

Fit and Comfort

A cycling rain jacket should be snug but not restrictive, allowing full range of motion while cycling. Consider features such as adjustable cuffs and hem, and a drop tail to protect you from wheel spray.


Given that rain can affect visibility, it’s important that your jacket has some kind of high-visibility detailing or a bright color to help you stand out to other road users.

The Importance of Material in a Cycling Rain Jacket

A jacket’s material largely determines its waterproofness and breathability. Look for materials like Gore-Tex or eVent, which provide a good balance between these properties.

Top Cycling Rain Jacket Suggestions

To help you make an informed decision, here are three high-performing cycling rain jackets that tick all the boxes in terms of waterproofing, breathability, comfort, and visibility:

Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket

The Gore Wear C5 Shakedry Jacket is a force to be reckoned with. Its standout feature is the Shakedry technology, which allows water to bead and roll off the fabric. It is incredibly lightweight and breathable, which helps to regulate body temperature during intensive cycling. The fit is tailored for the riding position, ensuring comfort and flexibility.

Endura Pro SL Shell Jacket II

Endura Pro SL Shell Jacket II is another noteworthy contender. Its 3-layer Exoshell40 fabric offers impressive waterproofing and breathability. It also features stretchy shoulder panels for unrestricted movement and a drop tail for wheel spray protection. Visibility is enhanced by subtle, high-vis details that stand out in low light.

Castelli Idro Pro 2 Jacket

The Castelli Idro Pro 2 Jacket, with its Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric, offers excellent waterproofing and breathability. What sets it apart is its addition of stretchy Gore-Tex Topo inserts for extra flexibility. It is compact, making it easy to pack, and its reflective detailing ensures you’re visible on the road.

Each of these jackets offers a unique set of benefits to enhance your cycling experience, so evaluate your specific needs and choose accordingly.

The Added Benefits of a Good Cycling Rain Jacket

A good cycling rain jacket does more than just keep you dry. It can also provide a layer of warmth, block the wind, and enhance your visibility to others.

Caring for Your Cycling Rain Jacket

Taking care of your jacket can prolong its lifespan and maintain its performance. Regular cleaning as per the manufacturer’s instructions, drying it out after use, and storing it properly can help achieve this.


Investing in a quality cycling rain jacket can significantly enhance your cycling experience in the rain. It provides protection, enhances safety, and enables you to enjoy your ride regardless of the weather. So, don’t let the rain deter you; gear up and embrace the ride!


1. Do I really need a specific cycling rain jacket? Can’t I use any rain jacket?
A specific cycling rain jacket is tailored to the needs of a cyclist – it’s breathable, allows mobility, and often has additional features like visibility detailing and a longer back for spray protection. A regular rain jacket may not offer these.
2. How do I know if a jacket is breathable enough?
Check the breathability rating if provided, and look for features like vents and breathable fabrics. Reading customer reviews can also provide insights.
3. What should I do if my jacket loses its waterproofness over time?
Most waterproof jackets can be revitalized with specific wash-in or spray-on products. Always check the care label for specific advice.
4. Is it better to get a snug fit or a loose one?
A snug fit, without being tight or restrictive, is better. It helps to reduce flapping and retain warmth, and still allows for layering underneath.
5. Can a cycling rain jacket protect against the wind as well?
Yes, a good cycling rain jacket will also provide wind protection. It’s a useful feature when cycling in cold, windy conditions.


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